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For printing our canvases we use a high quality linen material which is dedicated for printing with ecological Latex HP technology.

Specially prepared and printed canvas are stretched onto a stretcher (pine) with a thickness of 1.2 inch.

Sides of canvas are printed as well. This gives a continuous look to the painting. Canvas can be hang up on the wall without use of any additional frames or accessories.

Canvas is a traditional and well known decoration but with a wide selection of photo’s available on our website it will also suit modern and elegant interiors. It can make an ideal present for everyone.

Cropping of multipart images:

Dividing images is a new, great way to create remarkable decoration of each wall, both small rooms like the bedroom or kitchen and for huge living room areas. Images included in the whole composition need to be hung at a distance of 2 inches from each other. This distances then is included in the dimensions of the entire composition. Triptychs and other multi-images can be up to 22 ft wide! It features an intuitive configuration panel for including multipart images, where you can define all the details of customizing graphics for to your needs.

The image is the perfect solution when looking for a modern and elegant decoration and is traditional at the same time, well-known for years in the interior design industry. With a picture selected from the multimillion gallery available you can give a perfect gift to anyone.


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Eco Green
mural24.co.uk use exclusively eco friendly, certified and advanced HP LATEX technology - read more.