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Self-adhesive paper produced by well known and valued German manufacturer Oracal, is ideally fitted for decorating flat surfaces such as glass, furniture, door or smooth boards.

Printing in the newest Latex HP technology guarantees deep and intense colours. It?s also odorless and safe in everyday use.

Matt stickers: Surface is smooth with satin/ matt finish. Thanks to this it does not cause light reflections.

Glossy stickers

: Surface is smooth and glossy which makes colors look more intense. It also reflects the light.

Stickers printed onto adhesive side

: This sticker is prepared in such way so that the glue is on the printed side. Thanks to this it can be put on the inside of a shop window, glass or transparent board.

While applying these stickers in public places (restaurants, pubs, shops, salons) or in kitchen, bathroom or hallways, we suggest you order laminated print which protects the sticker from moisture and mechanical damage. Laminate allows for washing sticker without spoiling the graphics.

Maximum width of one sheet is 5 feet. Stickers wider than 3.6 feet are printed in even sheets with overlaps and should be glued the same way.


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Eco Green
mural24.co.uk use exclusively eco friendly, certified and advanced HP LATEX technology - read more.