Great product to decorate your interior wall with a motive chosen from millions of pictures available on our website or photos from your own private collection. Printing in the newest Latex HP ecological technology guarantees bright colours and their durability. Wallpaper murals are also odorless and safe for home usage.

HP Latex Premium - there is no better printing technology

Dedicated for interior decorating, high quality, covered with latex, photo realistic synthetic paper. High density 212g/m2 paper guarantees durability and strength of material during mounting and usage while matt, smooth and slightly satin finish ensures deep colures and esthetic look.

When using latex mural wallpaper in public places (restaurants, pubs, shops, salons) or in kitchen, bathroom or hallways, we suggest you order laminated print which protects wall murals from moisture and mechanical damage. Laminate allows for washing wallpaper murals without spoiling the graphics.

To glue latex wallpaper onto primed walls you can use common glue for paper and vinyl wallpapers. Standard cut is 110cm the widest we can cut on “request” is 150 cm. Mural Wallpapers wider than 110 cm are printed in even sheets. They are precisely cut and should be glued the same way. The only exceptions are wallpapers which height’s greater than 300 cm. They are printed with an overlap. If you order laminated wallpaper they will be stick side by side.

Original HP water glued Wall Mural

Easy to apply, matt and smooth HP wallpaper which doesn’t require any additional glue.

Paper, weighing 175g/m2 and dedicated for wall decorating, is pre-pasted with glue. The glue is activated just by dipping the whole photo wallpaper in water. This feature ensures easy mounting and removal. HP paper does not contain PVC which makes it odorless and breathable material.

Wallpapers printed on HP PVC-Free paper, which shorter side is wider than 140 cm are printed in even sheets with an overlap and they should be glued the same way.

HP PVC-free Wall Paper is safe for human health and produced with consideration for natural environment. Prints for interiors done on HP PVC-free Wall Paper using latex HP ink fulfill all requirements of the GREEN-GUARD certificate, which is awarded to products that are safe for use by children and in schools.

HP PVC-free Wall Paper is eco-friendly and holds a certificate of fire retardant (class A).

Fleece Wallpaper – vinyl on fleece Wall Mural

Vinyl wallpaper is printed on fabric-backed basis. The very high density (350/m2) of the paper guarantees durability and strength of material during mounting and usage. It is designed for internal applications on large walls. This It has a ATEXB1 and hygienic certificate of NIH. It is ideal for sticking on primed walls with use of usual wallpaper glue. The method of hanging can be found in the GUIDANCE.

If the shorter side of the wall mural extend 150 cm, we print the wallpaper in parts. The cutting on a special trimmer gives you the certainty of equal bonding contact where the merge is not visible.

Wall Mural is a product of large format, the graphic quality should be evaluated from a few steps away.


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