1. How do I place an order?

Orders are accepted only through the online service mural24.co.uk . Individual arrangements that are discussed by phone are confirmed by email. Ordering instructions are available on the mural24.co.uk website in the instructional video tutorial.

2. How to find a picture of a certain design or theme?

The Gallery service is filled with a huge variety of photos - several million pictures and you will definitely find this appropriate. To help you find your photos on a particular topic we prepared a list of titles and under each title is a subcategory, or by typing in the “search” box in the upper right corner you could narrow your search.

3. How do I place an order for more than one product?

If you want to make an order for more than one product then all you have to do is choose your first picture and confirm dimensions after which you press buy. It will lead you to a page for ordering, but don’t click order. Now we are ready to choose a second or third picture from our category and repeat the same procedure. After all that you will notice that all the pictures selected is on the order page, here we can also remove pictures we don’t want.

4. After entering your own size the image changes its appearance - you can’t see the whole picture and only a part of it. Can you fit the whole graphic in the listed dimensions?

Fitting the entire image in the new dimensions is possible, provided that the newly entered dimensions correspond with the original dimension given when you chose the picture at first. For example, if the picture is square, it is not possible to fit it fully on a rectangle without distorting the image.

5. What is the turnaround time?

Delivery time depends on the order you make for delivery - Standard delivery time is approximately 8-10 working days after payment received for the order; express delivery time takes 5-7 working days from moment payment has been received.

6. What is the delivery cost?

The cost of standard delivery is 0 £, and for express delivery is 29 £. For orders in excess of specified dimensions (the sum of the two short sides and one longer than 10 feet ) the shipping cost is always calculated individually. Images can’t be packed in one parcel, so if you order more than one printed image the shipping costs are doubled. Mainly because of the protection of your product.

7. What are the payment for my order?

There is one form of payment for order: • PayPal payment - immediately after you placed your order and selected this payment method.

8. Can I pay on delivery?

It is not possible to pay the courier on delivery.

9. Is wall mural resistant to abrasion and moisture?

The paper on which the print is printed is waterproof, but the print itself is not resistant to moisture and abrasion. To further protect the artwork from these factors, the print should be laminated. Lamination is an additional service available on our website.

10. What is laminate and for what purpose is it used?

The laminate is a colorless, a special film designed to protect the print against moisture and abrasion.

11. When the laminated wall mural is cut to size, can the laminate come off (split from the wall or paper)?

The whole surface of print is laminated and it will not come off after cutting.

12. What is the difference between photo wall mural and a sticker?

Photo wall mural is a material and to activate the glue it needs to be wet with water. A sticker is a self adhesive vinyl material. A detailed description of the products can be found in the Product Description tab.

13. What is the best surface to use a Sticker or Wall mural on?

Photo wall mural is generaly used on walls. Stickers are suitable for smooth surfaces such as glass, fronts of furniture and other perfectly smooth surfaces.

14. How do I glue photo wall mural, and or sticker?

An example of how to install both wall mural and stickers is in our installation guide. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Customer Service.

15. Is there any possibility to order a sticker with adhesive on the image so that it can be glued on the inside of the glass?

The Order of this type of product is possible. This information must be included in the customer “notes” when filling out the data form. Keep in mind that this kind of picture is laminated and will be calculated into the final amount. Valuation is always administered individually in an email sent after receipt of the order.

16. How are the finished product packed and delivered?

Packaging the wall murals: In the packaging process of the product a unique solution is used, where the print is not in contact with the walls of the package. This gives the assurance that the print will not be damaged during transport. Tubes and cardboard boxes in which the products are packed are marked with the original labels with the trademark of mural24.co.uk and warning label. Parcels are send by courier.

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